X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Review

Fox’s X-Men series is the longest running superhero series ever, but for the most part it has operated down the middle of the road — able to verge on greatness as easily as it can descend into awful nonsense. X-Men: Apocalypse — the ninth film in the series, the sixth in the X-Men line and the third in this particular trilogy — embodies this. It’s a middle of the road blockbuster that’s not terrible, not brilliant; decent fun but largely forgettable.

Apocalypse derives its title from the mantle of an ancient mutant, played by Oscar Isaac, who wakes from his slumber to discover a world he deems unfit for purpose. Believing in survival of the fittest above all else, he assembles four followers — his horsemen — to bring about the kind of destruction that justifies his name.

The plot is about as barebones as you’ll see from a superhero film this year. The bad guy wakes up, assembles his squad and attempts to do something awful as the good guys play catch-up and eventually try to stop him. That’s really it. The likely reason for this simple plot is the enormous cast, which includes the trilogy’s regulars, a few returning faces and a ton of newbies. Continue reading “X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Review”